Fellows Program

Interested in the mission and vision of MDLF? Want to make Indiana a better place to live and work? Ready to take the state to new heights? That's what being a Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation fellow is all about.

The 2019-2020 Fellows Program

MDLF has sought out extraordinary individuals from across the state who want to drive change. The class size is small (up to 20 people). Applicants must have shown the capacity to commit to program expectations and schedule and demonstrate a diversity of mindset and experiences.

MDLF Mission: Enable Leaders. Drive Change.

Build a network of innovators and leaders who refuse to accept the status quo as good enough, constantly aim higher, and execute courageously.

MDLF Philosophy

Mitch Daniels has always combined ideas with action, out-of-the-box thinking with pragmatic implementation. He has demonstrated this combination across many realms – government, business, and education.

His example informs our search for new leaders, unconstrained by the status quo, encouraged to think big without fear of being wrong, but with an eye toward real-world impact.

Fellows Program Goals

Fellows will be immersed in a structured curriculum for continued learning and development. The curriculum will be focused around the MDLF philosophy and will consist of books, articles, events, site visits, speakers, and discussions.

Each selected fellow will be matched with a like-minded community or business leader from the MDLF network who is committed to help guide, advise, and connect.

Class culture will be fostered through working together and scheduled social events throughout the year.

Driving change
Each fellow or team will pitch their idea for change upon graduation. Utilizing MDLF resources and ideas, fellows will be given tools to think big and explore ways in which they can drive change that will positively impact our State.


How is this program different from other leadership programs?
There are several leadership programs available in our community. The fellows program is unique in that it’s designed to find talented young Hoosiers who want to lift the arc of progress in Indiana.

Is this program associated with Purdue University where Mitch Daniels is president?
No, not at all. The Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Our board and first class of Fellows in 2018-19 represent various colleges and universities in Indiana and throughout the nation.

Questions? Contact MDLF Executive Director, Kate Swanson kate@mdlfindiana.org or 317.727.7324